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48 Hour Cosigner 
You recently visited our website looking for a cosigner and we have a new service that will help you get a cosigner with-in 48 hours. This new service provides a quick response from willing cosigners with in hours of you telling us to find you a cosigner. We let you speak to your cosigner by phone. We have tested this new service, and it is working with great results.

What makes this service different and more effective is the mediation service we are now offering to our members. We have found that members are not comfortable contacting a random person for help.

We will be moving through this process very quickly, so we will not have time to hold long conversations with members when we are in contact with you. We will be polite, and answer your questions. We will list the details of the service below.

With this new "48 Hour Cosigner" service, we will help you with the following:

*You will not have to release any information to your cosigner. All verification information will be sent to Cosigner Finder through email or picture text message.

*You will not have to wait multiple days for a response, we will give an answer with-in 48 hours of our first conversation or email stating that we will help you find a cosigner.

*We will ask both parties to submit proof of identity to Cosigner Finder by sending a picture of there state issued identification by email or picture text message.

*If your are trying to obtain a loan or lease, we will ask you to send Cosigner Finder proof of income. Only verifiable and reliable forms of income will be accepted as income when applying to use this service.

*We will find you a cosigner in 48 hours for only $48.00.

(We will never send spam or random messages to any of your cell phones or email addresses.)

Thanks for Choosing Cosigner Finder.

Visit our website at
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# of Members Waiting: 402
# of Pending Deals: 315
# of Closed Deals: 225
Types of Cosigners Found: Personal Loan
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